When Credibility Counts…

Echelon Analytics is a nationally recognized firm comprised of proven leaders in the areas of economic and financial analysis, financial investigation and forensic accounting and expert witness services. We assist clients involved in commercial disputes and high-stakes litigation, as well as those needing help assessing value and risk in the context of pre-litigation, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, licensing and sales.

Clients trust us with their most important matters because our expertise allows them to move forward with confidence that the opinions we provide are well-supported by the most comprehensive research and analysis. They also appreciate our ability to deliver very complex information in an organized and easy-to-understand way for their teams, as well as the numerous audiences who will use that information to make important decisions (e.g., juries, investors, government agencies).

Echelon Analytics provides expert services in the following areas:

For assistance with your matter, please contact our office at 214.965.8530 or email our team at info@echelonanalytics.com.